Ana Haložan is Slovenian model and Miss Universe Slovenia 2015 titleholder. At the age of 17 she made her first steps as a model and spent one season in Milan, Italy. In 2015 she applied for the Miss Universe Slovenia 2015 competition and won among 263 candidates competing for the coveted crown. Her determination and discipline payed off again!

Winning the Miss Universe Slovenia 2015 title changed her life forever: one of her first trips was to a film set of Medici, starring Dustin Hoffman, in Tuscany in Italy, where she was invited by director, Sergio Mimica, long time collaborator of Steven Spielberg. In Rimini, Italy, she also visited one of the biggest Italian shoe designers, Gimmi Baldinini, who offered her a modeling job for his brand.

When she arrived to Las Vegas, Nevada, for the Miss Universe 2015 Pageant at beginning of December 2015, her life changed forever once again. Instead of taking her official photo shoots, fittings and videotaping with the rest of 90 contestants, she ended up in hospital for a week due to a seizure the morning after she arrived to Las Vegas. In her fall she hit her head and it caused the half of her face paralyzed. Would that stop Ana? No.

Her determination to walk the Miss Universe 2015 stage made her a winner of the pageant. Miss Universe Organization made a special segment on Ana as the part of the pageant as well as her appearance on the stage, which was one of the most touching parts of the evening. Instead of going straight back home, famous New York fashion photographer and official Miss Universe photographer, Fadil Berisha, offered her a glam photo shoot in his New York studio, she has missed in Las Vegas, so her National Directors Marija and Vladimir Kraljevic took her to New York. Her photo shoot was covered by FOX5NY and producers liked her and her story so much, so they invited her to their studio on Christmas Eve Morning Show.

Upon return to Slovenia, Ana made numerous TV, radio, daily newspapers and weekly magazines interviews, talking about what happened to her and serving as a role model for all who might find themselves in situation like her. Her main message is: never give up, always trust in yourself and you can do it! Ana never gave up, instead she committed her life to get healthy again. Her face recovered completely and she is ready to conquer the world again with her beautiful smile.
She is on her way to go up and up in her carrier. It’s not only to be beautiful outside but you need to be more beautiful inside and love your self. Everything is possible, need to love your work.


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